Matches & Matchmakers

Connexion is a dating and matchmaker app that pairs the old-fashioned way of finding a match through your peers with today’s technology, leading singles to real, lasting relationships.

Subscribers are those who have downloaded the app themselves and are looking for matches. It’s the subscribers who invite matches and matchmakers into the network.


Your profile is added to the app by a contact of yours, which allows users to see you. When someone in the Connexion network likes, you will receive a text and/or email notice letting you know that you have an admirer.

This person is someone who is somehow connected to either you or one of your contacts, but because “likes” remain anonymous on Connexion until there’s a mutual match, to find out their identity, you must first download the app and sign up as a user. Afterward, enter your search criteria and begin liking profiles.

When you have a mutual match, you’ll find them by selecting “Matches” in the navigation bar.


If you received a request to become a matchmaker, that means that someone you know would like you to help them find a match by connecting them to the people in your social circle.

All that’s required of you as a matchmaker is to import and sort your contacts, choosing which ones to include in the app. From there, Connexion does the rest.

None of your contacts’ personal information is displayed or shared, except for their name, age, city and state, and you can choose to hide them at any time.

An important part of the Connexion network, matchmakers are labeled within the app, though they don’t have profiles and aren’t able to send or receive likes or messages like traditional users.

It costs nothing to become a matchmaker, but it could mean everything to someone you know in their search for love.