1How much does it cost to use Connexion?
The subscription rates for Connexion are as follows:

1 month – $11.99
3 months – $9.99
6 months – $7.99
12 months – $5.99

Matchmakers are able to use Connexion for FREE.
2How do I know if someone is a part of the Connexion network?
People who are a part of the Connexion dating app are shown with a checkmark next to their name. Those who have verified their profiles appear with a checkmark inside of a shield.
3What does it mean if a profile is verified?
A user who has verified their profile has gone through Connexion’s validation process to confirm their identity. Meaning no bogus profiles and no randoms.
4How can I edit my profile?
To edit your profile, go to the Home screen and press View Profile. From there, you will be able to manage your photos, edit your location, and add or change your bio/description.
5 Will someone know if I liked them?
Unlike most online dating sites, with Connexion, your choices are completely anonymous. Once you “like” a profile, the person is notified that someone in the network is interested in them, but only mutual matches are revealed.
6What happens if I “like” a contact who is not a part of the Connexion network?
If a contact is not a part of the Connexion dating app, once you “like” them, they will receive notification that someone in the network is interested, along with download information for the app.
7How do I know if I have a match?
If you and another member both “like” one another, you will find them listed in your Matches.
8I changed my mind about a match. What do I do?
If you decide that you no longer want to be matched with someone, simply go to your Matches, or access their profile and click the thumbs down icon to “unlike” them. They will then be removed from your list of Matches, and you will be removed from theirs.
9How do I hide my profile from someone within the app?
To keep someone from seeing your profile, and to remove theirs from your Search results, simply press the hide icon either next to their name in your Contact list, Search results, or within their profile.
10Can I change my mind about a contact that I’ve hidden?
Yes. To retrieve a hidden contact, go to the Home screen and select Hidden Contacts. Once you find the individual on the list, you can unhide them by pressing the eye icon on the right.
11How do I change my Search filter?
To make a change to your search filter, press the filter icon in the top right corner of the Search screen. Make your selections and press Save.
12I received a request to become a Matchmaker. What does that mean?
Connexion Matchmakers are individuals who are a part of the network ONLY to share their contacts with their friends and family members, in order to help them find a match.
13Do I have to subscribe to Connexion to be a Matchmaker?
No. Matchmakers do not need to subscribe to use Connexion.
14Why am I unable to “like” a Matchmaker?
If someone has chosen to sign up as a Matchmaker, they have decided NOT to receive likes from other users, and are only on Connexion to help friends find matches by sharing their contacts.
15Can I choose which contacts I share?
Yes. Before sharing your contacts with someone, you are able to make certain individuals invisible by clicking on the hide icon next to their names.
16I want to send someone a message, but I don’t see a mail icon. How do I contact them?
Through Connexion, you are only able to message mutual matches. Your Matches can be found by selecting the category at the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to contact someone who is not yet a match, you must first “like” them, and then wait to find out if they “like” your profile as well.
17How do I report or block a user?
We, at Connexion, strive to keep the app’s network a safe space. Therefore, we do not tolerate any abusive or pornographic activity. For that, we rely on the help of our users.

To report someone for abuse, go to the dropdown menu and select “Help/Support.” From there, tap “Email Customer Support” to send a message to the Connexion team.

In your message, please be sure to include the user’s profile information (name, location, age) and detail the form of abusive behavior.
We will work quickly to investigate the matter and remove the user from the network within 24 hours of receiving your report.
To block a user, simply tap the “hide” icon on their profile. This not only keeps them out of your search results, but it also prevents them from being able to see or contact you within the app.
18What is the meaning of the markers color on the Map View?
The colors represent which category of Hobbies and Activities your potential matches belong to. We have 3 categories which are: Entertainment, Leisure, and Skills.

The colors corresponds to the following groups to which your potential match belongs to:

  • Entertainment: Red marker
  • Leisure: Blue marker
  • Skills:Green Marker
  • Entertainment & Skills: Cyan marker
  • Entertainment & Leisure:Magenta Marker
  • Skills & Leisure:Purple marker
  • Entertainment & Leisure & Skills:Indigo Marker